A student sits on his bed in his residence hall room at Penn State Hazleton.

Residence Halls

Penn State Hazleton offers on-campus housing for over 450 students in three residence areas: South Hall, a traditional residence hall building; North Hall, which offers suites; and West Hall, which is comprised of townhouses. The residence areas are conveniently located near HighAcres Cafe, the on-campus food service operation.

South Hall Floor Plan
North Hall Floor Plan
West Hall Floor Plan

South Hall

South Hall is a traditional coed residence hall that accommodates two students per bedroom with a common bathroom on each wing of the building’s three floors. South Hall provides a central lobby area with a big-screen TV, a game room, a laundry facility, vending machines, a study lounge, and 24-hour security access. 

Floor Plan

North Hall

North Hall offers suites with two double bedrooms and semiprivate bathroom in each suite. North Hall also offers a central lobby area, study lounges, vending machines, laundry facility, and 24-hour security access. 

Floor Plan

West Hall

West Hall is a group of townhouses, each consisting of five bedrooms, 2-1/2 bathrooms, and a living room area. A central laundry facility is available in the complex.

Floor Plan — 1st Floor

Floor Plan — 2nd Floor

Room Amenites by Residence Hall
Room Amenities North Hall South Hall West Hall
Air conditioning* X   X
Bed frame and mattress X X X
Cable TV connection * X X X
Carpet X   X
Chest of drawers  X X X
Desk w/lamp and chair X X X
Internet connection X X X
Microwave/refrigerator* X X X
Mirror X    
Smoke detector* X X X
Wardrobe or closet X  X X
Waste basket X  X  X  
Window treatments (blinds/drapes) X X X

* one per room

Building Amenities by Residence Hall
Building Amenities North Hall South Hall West Hall
Computer lab X X X
Card Access Security System (exterior doors) X X  
Vending machines X X  
Laundry facilities X X X
Central Lobby X X* X
Study lounges X X X
Game Room   X  

*With big-screen TV